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Placement & Field Site: Thetford Forest (ART723)

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Week Beginning: 20th March 2023

Placement and Field site: Thetford Forest 2023

During my placement within the vicinity of Thetford Forest, I took part in the process of Land mapping and land surveying using various techniques and equipment such as MODID land mapping datasets and thematic imagery photography. These techniques were used in order to engage the severity of the problem in regards to deforestation within Thetford Forest, Norfolk.

20th March 2023

Day One: Today consisted of preparing for the weeks events and preparing the paperwork and equipment needed. The thematic imagery process started at 9:45am and consisted of the photographing of areas both affected and unaffected by deforestation. (Deforestation that took place throughout the first world war when there was a high demand for timber and other building materials etc.). 25 plots (35 X 40M) were to be examined during the day, at various locations within the forest. This was a continued ongoing process which began back in November 2022 and is to be carried out until early April 2023 for completion.

Green = Forestry Areas

Brown = Non Forestry Areas (Deforested)

21st March 2023

Day Two: Having completed various tasks during the previous day regarding thematic photographing and analyzing the data collected, I felt the need to creatively respond to my findings and my environment also. I revisited the plots explored the day before and chose 10 plots (35 X 40 M) in order to achieve this. 5 plots had been deforested and showed clear environmental change and 5 plots had been unaffected and untouched. I developed sketches within a story board format at both the contrasting locations in order to compare and contrast my findings. I made notes of the weather conditions, sights, sounds, smells etc. as well as the exact location/coordinates of the sketched environment. It is also #InternationalDayOfForests

22nd March 2023

Day Three: Consisted of analyzing the chosen plots in more depth in terms of land cover image, Landsat thematic mapping and fragmentation. Where as day one consisted of mapping the area as a whole, today consisted of mapping and photographing the chosen research plots and how they differ in each contrasting environment, using various photographic techniques and processes.

23rd March 2023

Day Four: Today consisted of aiding Forestry England colleagues to tariff (take stock) of the species of tree within the forest. This included photographing, drawing and documenting the trees growth and comprising an in depth analysis of the changes compared to the year previous.

24th March 2023

Day Five: The final day of my placement, consisted of the gathering of the weeks information and documenting our findings in groups. Comparing and contrasting our findings from both unaffected and affected areas of the forest. This information will then be collated and put forward to the Global Forest Watch, who will use the data to create a bigger picture of the deforestation within the United Kingdom, region by region.

Future Forest by Tom Piper & Lisa Wright

As part of its centenary celebrations, The Forestry Commission has worked with artists Tom Piper MBE and Lisa Wright on a dramatic sculptural installation for Suffolk’s High Lodge in Thetford Forest. Future Forest features ten life size figures, based on Classical motifs, placed within the landscape, representing custodians of the past looking over our forests. They act as a poignant reflection of the vital role that trees and woodlands play in protecting our natural environment and the next generation’s role as custodians of our future forests


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