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                Adam Evans


I'm a Fine Art graduate having recently graduated with a BA (honours) in Fine Art at Aberystwyth University in 2019. Currently living in Oswestry, Shropshire, I am a young artist currently working in a variety of techniques and processes. Much of my work has been inspired by my childhood interests and the beautiful Welsh landscape, and its local features in its towns and villages. I was born in the market town of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, in western England, in 1996. Whilst growing up I attended Lakelands School, Ellesmere, where my keen passion and interest in drawing and sketching developed. Throughout my school years, most of my art consisted of sketches and drawings of science fictional landscapes and caricatures of characters and people I knew. Though over time I developed more skill and began exploring drawing techniques and using a range of differing mediums. 

Being born and raised in Shropshire, meant I quickly developed a passion for the countryside and the natural forms and textures within it. Growing up I was captivated by the spiritual and cultural meaning behind trees and the spiritual journey of the Ogham alphabet. This led me to study the links between spirituality and trees, exploring their meaning and cultural responses, during my BA final exhibition. Trees have an interesting role in the world of spirituality and that’s what intrigued me the most during my time at undergraduate level. This series of works can be viewed via my online portfolio under the heading Degree Show 2019. 

I studied a BA (hons) in Fine art in Aberystwyth University. It is here where my fascination with atmosphere truly began, with Aberystwyth's sunsets inspiring me to create beautiful and vivid scenes of nature through the art of printmaking and photography.  

Currently, my way of working and practical processes is ever changing, I am finding due to the amount of spare time on my hands I am exploring more experimental techniques and ways of printmaking I dared to try during university. I am currently working on and revisiting an idea within the field of printmaking which involves Welsh landscapes and The Ogham tree journey, in which I connect both physically and mentally with over twenty species of tree, studying them and drawing them in the process. This is apparent within my series of works Titled “Branching Skies” Lithograph 2019, which depicts a large Oak tree created using a range of tonal wax crayons and touché. I have documented its physical appearance on a physical level and followed the instructions of the Ogham and connected with the tree spiritually.   

As an artist, I work hard to develop compositions that express my creative growth, focusing on subject matters that are personal to me and influential to my practice. Experimental techniques are also of interest to me, I like to push myself and learn new techniques as a form of progression and experience. In a way my art represents my personality. I create moody, and atmospheric pieces, that fill the viewer with a sense of real emotion. This obsession with atmosphere and form are prevalent in every form of art that I create. From my lithographs, to my tonal studies. I am currently specialising in the fields of printmaking and photography and will continue to do so throughout my postgraduate studies and portfolio expansion. Focusing on medium format photography and lithography in particular. 




                                                                       Qube Arts Open 2022- 01/07/2022- 12/09/2022

                                                                 Qube "Get Creative' Exhibition- 16/09/2022- 24/10/2022


                                                     Willow Gallery Oswestry- Autumn Arts Open- 13/09/2022-12/10/2022


 Solo Exhibit: Undergraduate Show & ‘Diversity: Innovation – International Innovative Printmaking’- Exhibition.   

Official Opening:14/09/2019  


Group Exhibit: Classic / Romantic – Works from the Aberystwyth School of Art Collection.  

20th May- August 30th 2019. 



Group Exhibit: Beyond the Wheel: Sculptural Ceramics from Aberystwyth University’s Ceramic Collection. 


 Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 4th April-28th June 2020 



 Solo Exhibit: Foundation Diploma installation 


       North Shropshire College, Foundation degree in Fine Art- 2015/2016 

     Aberystwyth University, Bachelors degree in Fine Art- 2016/2019

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