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Week 6: Presentations & Book Binding (ART717)

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Week beginning: 7th November 2022

Presentation Script

Unfortunately, due too ill health I was unable to attend university this week. Having missed the Group presentations and critiques, I felt it best to upload what I would have said and shown to this online blog. Strating off with the questions and pointers given to me by my tutors.

- What I Aim to do for this module (give it a title if it helps)

I aim to showcase a series of prints or photographic works about forests, trees, their wood, and the memory they contain, Exploring themes of nature and landscape in the process as areas of interest.

- Include a mind map of a selection of ideas that you have considered.

-Discuss the ideas that you want to take forward as mentioned in your Learning Plan

As mentioned previously i am wanting to take the idea of trees and the memory they contain forward. Methods of working: Studio work, printmaking workshops, research visits, trips to galleries and exhibitions, creative/critical writing, location drawing, field trips, sketchbook development, WordPress, (Blog updates).

- Show a selection of artists / designers / creatives etc., who have worked in a similar way that have/are influencing you now

Serena Smith, Paul Nash, Patty Moon amongst others (These are documented within my research folder)

- Mention cultural theorists, art critics or historians who have written about the theme/s you are exploring (some of the books / exhibitions on the reading list and/or video clips uploaded to Moodle may help you here.

See Research Section- I have recently contacted Ecologist Suzanne Simard too discuss my chosen theme and what her thoughts are on the subject of trees retaining memories. I am yet to hear back. (This will form a part of my cultural theorist research.)

- Discuss what your 'works' will look like?

A Concertina Booklet or a collection of wooden pieces.

- Mention your choice of media and genre.

Cyanotype and relief printing techniques and medias, nature as a genre

- Include a timeline of what you will do each week and when.

This online blog acts as a timeline, I have also documented what I am wanting to do in future within my sketchbook.

- Discuss what you will cover in your 1,500-word Reflective Review.

A Step by step and week by week review of the processes, positives and negatives etc. and the development of ideas also.


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