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Week 3: Visualising Research / Visual task Presentations / Co-producing Narratives (ART723)

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Week beginning: 14th February 2023

Visualising Research / Visual task Presentations / Co-producing Narratives

1) Planning the Journey: Introduction to Research in Art and Design

Initial Key Issues Mind map

Looking through my lecture notes and current research has allowed me to develop a clearer understanding of the problems and topics I would like to document and develop through the course module ART723. I am wanting to continue to focus my approach towards the subject of trees and their importance within todays world, and I feel tackling environmental issues such as pollution and deforestation would be a great place to start with my research. I initially started this process developing my understanding of the key issues within the world that may or may not have a direct influence on myself both as an artist and as an individual. Issues included, environmental issues, political issues and social issues amongst others.

Reflection and Action Questions.

What? Possible Research questions

I have decided to focus my research project on an environmental issue, deforestation! As it is an issue that is very current and personal to me, having a passion for countryside and a love of trees. I thought it would be a challenging task to conduct research into the rates of deforestation here within the UK.

Possible research questions that could be tackled within this project are..

  • What are the effects of Deforestation?

  • What are the main causes of Deforestation?

  • What are the consequences if we do not stop?

  • How can an individual help fight Deforestation?

  • Do you know how much forest is destroyed daily/monthly/yearly by Deforestation in the UK?

  • How much rainforest exists? why is it important?

  • How many animals die per square kilometer each day?

  • The rates of Deforestation in the UK Vs Globally?

Why? Research Rationale and Research Context

How? Possible Methodology and Methods

Visual Creative Methods

  • Observation

  • Visualisation

  • Photography

  • Video

  • Sketchbook

  • 3D Models

  • Portfolio

Research Methods

  • Case Studies

  • Statistics and Data

  • Interviews

  • Questionaries

Reflective Methods

  • Audio

  • Reflective Journal

  • Diary Entries

So What? Possible Outcomes?

Possible outcomes could be either reflective journal entries, creative pieces presented in a portfolio format, or an A1 information poster??

2) Mapping the Terrain

Methods of contextualizing the research

Network Display: Subjects within the art curriculum

3) Locating your Position

I began by creating a timetable of events and documenting my lesson styles and limitations on development week by week, I coupled this with how I was planning on overcoming these difficulties and what i achieved within that week also. As previously stated one of the most recurring limitations of this module currently are time management and money, undergoing a placement at Thetford Forest consuming the majority of my time at the moment.

4) Crossing the Terrain (Establishing research methods)

Here I have documented several appropriate research methods I think would aid me in getting the most out of the module. They are visual creative methods such as photography and sketchbook work and theory based method approaches such as case studies and interviews.

5) Interpreting the map (Methods of evaluation and analysis)

Taking the topic of deforestation and the rates of deforestation with in the UK as my central focus, I began Visualising the words I was reading and reflecting on the data and statistics I was gathering. This took the form of visual mind maps and drawings. I also began gathering information and data and pulling them together to form a research folder, which will be available on request.

6) Recounting the Journey

Please See Final Poster on Blog Post 21/03/23 OR scan Below to view.

Task 1

Through your own personal interests in contemporary issues and in the media that communicates information on them, select an article or articles from current publications (national or local newspapers, TV programs, films, magazines etc.).

Task 2

How do the articles inform your judgement on contemporary issues?

The article cements my judgement on the contemporary issues of deforestation, an environmental issue that needs addressing and tackling immediately. It also tackles the issue of air pollution and the key role trees play in tackling it.

Do the articles affect you emotionally (are you annoyed, amused or at odd with the editorial slant on the story)?

The article affects me emotionally in a sense that this issue doesn't appear to be resolving itself despite constant action. All the re planting of trees, preservation of wildlife and campaigning and it almost feels like its for nothing, I am angered and annoyed there isn't as much media coverage of the issue, giving the scale of the problem across the world.

More importantly, do you feel the need to respond to the articles through your practice?

I feel the great need to respond to this article creatively, using my current techniques and working processes. Centering my focus on the issue of air pollution and the affects on the human lungs. I have created a piece in which displays the branching twigs of an Oak tree which is contrasted against the wiring blood vessels of a human lung.

If so, how will you analyse and respond to the challenge?

Task 3

Selecting only one article, having identified that it has the most influential or interesting subject matter of all, respond creatively to it.


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