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Week 12: Fieldtrip Documentation (ART717)

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Week beginning: 10th January 2023

Fieldtrip documentation

Thetford Forest

I have recently been very fortune in spending time within the idyllic scenery of Thetford Forest near Norwich under the supervision of several members of Forestry England. Trees were first planted here in the 1920's to increase and sustain the nation's dwindling supply of timber resources after the First World War. Today it is the largest lowland man made forest and largest land use change in England.

During my visit here, I discovered several species of tree, learnt about their rate of growth and their abilities to communicate with each other in more depth. I embarked on several walks of nature, learning about my surroundings and documenting throughout the journey. Sometimes, I was guided by one of the volunteers, other occasions I walked alone. I also had an opportunity to try some pinhole photography using a homemade pinhole camera and my cyanotype process.


Last week I also took another visit London to gain some inspiration for future works, I was extremely lucky to visit the Flagship Space, The Now Building where the latest exhibition had just opened. The Summer Palace is the latest exhibition within this building, featuring 23,000 square feet, floor to ceiling, 360- degree, 8k screens across four storeys. The Summer Palace by Agustin Vidal Saavedra is a beautiful combination of Renaissance paintings, animation, particle stimulations and 3D visuals. The summer Palace takes visitors through time and space as they immerse themselves in a unique and uplifting experience.

Agustin Vidal Saavedra, creator of The Summer Palace, said:

“The Summer Palace is a piece created and animated from renaissance paintings, particle simulations and AI. We used particle simulation to create galaxies, stars and explosions and AI to enhance the painting quality to an insane 8k resolution. We brought the palace to life through a combination of fractals, paintings, real pictures of space and a thousand million hours of render. When it is displayed on the Outernet screens, it looks wonderful and completely immerses the audience as they watch.”


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