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Week 10: Studio Practice / StudioMADE (ART717)

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Week beginning: 6th December 2022

Studio Practice / StudioMADE

This week we were introduced to Angela Davies co-founder of Studio MADE at the Carriage works. This was an insightful experience and highlighted the importance of co-working and collaboration within the arts.

About Studio Made @ The Carriage Works

Studio MADE at the Carriage works, A co-working environment consisting of studio and gallery spaces as well as artist residency spaces. Studio MADE is a creative laboratory working across the disciplines of Art, Science, Technology and Nature. A hybrid platform combining an active studio space and a cross-disciplinary collaboration. Discoveries are shared within a program of events exploring connections through exhibition, public and educational programes.

Studio MADE founded by Angela Davies and Mark Eaglen is positioned on the 1st Floor Carriage works, Denbigh and is open by appointment outside of program events.

Events and Exhibitions

2016, saw the very first events from studio MADE in our studio at the carriage works. The image below depicts the co-founders engaging in a sound sculpture installation consisting of carriage parts as a part of an interactive piece titled “Notations” 1864. Working closely with North Wales international music festival in the process, the co-founders had the pleasure of working in collaboration with a pianist and soprano singer for improvisations relating to the lived history of the building.

Collaborative Works

In today’s world of modern working, the benefits of collaborative working cannot be understated. Collaboration takes place when two or more people work together to achieve a shared goal. Collaborative working is most effective when the varied strengths of individuals are utilised in tandem with each other. I aim to reach out to fellow artists over these coming weeks to pitch my creative ideas and search for someone to collaborate with. This will be an ongoing process throughout the course. I feel I will benefit from this in a way that will push my creativity as well as a form of education, offering an opportunity to learn new skills and push and develop my ideas having an outsider influence to challenge my views and current perspective.

Update: 18th December 2022

I have been very fortunate to work closely with my friend and artist Siobhan Bradley. Bradley specializes in installation sound pieces and after contacting her and sharing my ideas and thoughts we began collaboration. She touched briefly on the problem of deforestation and how much my current way of working reminds her of this ongoing problem. Although I initially set out to depict the memory aspect of the tree, what would it look like visualizing something you can’t see (a trees memories and it's way of living) my approach to the subject is slowly evolving into a more environmental one.

Below I have experimented with the cyanotype process, printing an image onto silver birch bark found whilst in the garden. This bark was then developed and returned to the original tree. The image itself is of a neighboring tree which was cut down and culled, it has been wrapped around the section in which it had previously fallen from. The piece has then been photographed and filmed, following down from the branches, tracing along the trunk, bark textures and centralizing on the cyanotype piece in central frame. This film was edited and developed by Siobhan where she then added deforestation sounds and the sounds of nature over the top. Originally, this piece was designed to have an audio attachment, the piece was to be a standalone composition in which the viewer would wear headphones on viewing but there wasn’t enough time to set this up, so for ease we added the audio to the film instead. I would have liked this to have been an immersive experience for the viewer, on a much larger scale in public, so this is an idea we as a collective are working on developing.

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