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Week 1: Module Launch (ART718)

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Week Beginning 05th October 2023

Module Launch

This week saw the beginning of my second year of university tackling the Arts Interdisciplinary Course. Today, i embarked upon the Module Launch detailing the frame work of the course and what to expect within the upcoming months. I began by outlining what i intend to do throughout the module in the form of a learning plan. I also began artist research and continued progression with my ideas gathered from the previous years modules and feedback.

Learning Plan 2023/24 - Due Date 19th October 2023

I intend to showcase a portfolio of pieces displaying my knowledge and progression regarding the environmental issue, Deforestation. I intend to showcase a range of experimentation within in a field I am not familiar in, such as painting or printmaking techniques I haven’t previously explored. Alongside this I intend to create and develop a thesis and possibly a series of prints or photographic works about forests and the threats they face regarding deforestation within the UK., again like the previous year’s module I will be Exploring themes of nature and landscape in the process as areas of interest. (I plan to react creatively to my findings and to be informed by my research in regard to what I create and develop)

I will accomplish these tasks using various methods. Using both practical and theoretical knowledge to progress. Continuing my ongoing Research INTO the subject using critical studies of practices, historical studies, and past collections etc. I will also Research THROUGH performing the acts of crafting as processes, developing ideas, works, experimentation. Testing ideas, peer group discussions, exhibitions, practice led research. I will also be conducting field work throughout this module to inform my research and rate of study. I will also be collecting source materials and acquiring techniques and skills to produce outcomes. (Gathering both primary and secondary research and attending workshops).

I aim to demonstrate my development and progression through the presence of an online blog/WordPress. And visual progression is to be stored within sketchbooks and workbooks throughout the year as evidence. These will be coherent and available for referencing as and where necessary. I will also produce a thesis/ reflective review alongside my online and visual documentations.

Methods of working: Studio work, printmaking workshops, research visits, trips to galleries and exhibitions, creative/critical writing, location drawing, field trips, sketchbook development, WordPress, (Blog updates)

Outcomes: Portfolio of prints/ artistic progression, Thesis (Prints or photographic works about forests and the threats they face regarding deforestation and climate change)

Demonstrated by:

• Investigation & Development: through process and experimentation.

• Critical analysis & Reflection through peer discussions and sketchbook development.

• Evaluation, critical thinking, theoretical knowledge: through reflective review.

Self Assessed Skills Audit Form.

Completed Form has been printed and documented within my research folder.


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