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Thetford Forest Placement 2024

Thetford Forest 2024

Over the past couple of weeks, I had an amazing opportunity to volunteer with Forestry England within the vicinity of Thetford Forest. Having worked with Thetford Forest previously I feel I have a connection with the location, and this will inform my practice in terms of creating emotion and atmosphere within my compositions. I have previously worked with this team at Thetford collaborating with researchers regarding deforestation within UK Forests, using scientific process such as Landsat images and satellite imagery and responding to this research creatively, this placement has been slightly different in terms of it being purely creative and an opportunity to express myself with other likeminded individuals, which I did not experience previously.

Following on from the most recent formative and summative feedback, it became apparent that in order for my work and my practice to achieve the impact I intended I had to scale up my way of working and be more present on location, drawing form perspective in real time. I have achieved this by attending several artist workshops which entailed being present on location within the forest and using found materials and items to incorporate texture and feeling into the pieces I will be creating.

Artist Workshops

I took part in several artist workshops whilst visiting Thetford Forest as well as self-directed study exploring the forest individually. One artist workshop I took interest in one workshop hosted by artist Sue Martin. Sue Martin is an artist with over 30 years experience working in a range of different media focusing on arts and cultural heritage. The practical workshops use drawing, painting, mark making and mixed media.


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