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Easter Break: Continued Placement & Research (ART723)

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Week Beginning 3rd April 2023

Placement and Research

During the easter break, I continued my placement within Thetford Forest for an extra week. Having engaged with several research methods and data collecting the previous week, I took the opportunity to really creatively respond to my environment and creatively reflect on my gathered research. I chose this opportunity to really reflect on the subjects of site and place and what the environment around me was conveying, regarding emotion, feeling, visual and other sensory responses. The place really opened up ideas and development within my creativity.

I reflected on my first week of placement, especially the days involving the processes of cataloguing and documenting the different species of trees. This reflection took form in many mixed media compositions. I developed a way of working in which captured the physical and textural elements of these trees. Developing an idea centered around the cataloguing and identification aspects of my placement. I began capturing the close up macro textures seen amongst the bark and roots of the subjects. These photographs were then used to create cyanotypes in which I later sketched and drew the tree in which the bark belonged too over the surface. I also experienced with spray paint in a way that reflected the marking process, undertaken during my placement. Red being marked for Pine Trees, Green used for Oak and Yellow used for Birch.


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