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What A Year...

This summer, with no place to go, I decided to build myself a new home on the web and polish the cobwebs of my webpage once again. I aimed to publish my works, and rediscover my passion for the arts through the form photography and printmaking. Documenting each step on this very website. One of the first things I did, because it was an easy way to generate content, was to migrate this blog to my new website, and to make myself more present over social media platforms. Its been a tough year for the majority of us, and its safe to say the arts have struggled this year, government cuts, Covid-19 shutting theatres and galleries and many small independent businesses facing closure its become mad world we live in. So to keep myself sane I've taken my work online. Having fallen out of love with the arts a little after graduating BA Hons, I found myself in a state of confusion. What was I to do with my Life? Would I find my passion again? Then a Global Pandemic happened, what seemed like the end of the world for many, was my favour. Time locked in doors, bored and full of energy I found my spark for creating again, I found my passion.

I have already posted a few new entries in September 2020 onwards. More than a year after I commenced this journal. Feel free to check them out. As well as my #AdamsArchiveAdventCalendar commencing December 2020, Showcasing a beautiful artwork everyday on the run up Christmas.

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