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Week 7: Digital Eyes & Non Human Photography (ART718)

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Week Beginning 16th November 2023

Digital Eyes & Non Human Photography

This lecture explored the differing types of Non human photography techniques, including thermal imagery, CCTV, digital photography and satellite imagery amongst others. This reminded me of my placement within Thetford Forest earlier this year, where i explored satellite images of forested areas.

20th March 2023

Day One: Today consisted of preparing for the weeks events and preparing the paperwork and equipment needed. The thematic imagery process started at 9:45am and consisted of the photographing of areas both affected and unaffected by deforestation. (Deforestation that took place throughout the first world war when there was a high demand for timber and other building materials etc.). 25 plots (35 X 40M) were to be examined during the day, at various locations within the forest. This was a continued ongoing process which began back in November 2022 and is to be carried out until early April 2023 for completion.

Green = Forestry Areas

Brown = Non Forestry Areas (Deforested)

22nd March 2023

Day Three: Consisted of analyzing the chosen plots in more depth in terms of land cover image, Landsat thematic mapping and fragmentation. Where as day one consisted of mapping the area as a whole, today consisted of mapping and photographing the chosen research plots and how they differ in each contrasting environment, using various photographic techniques and processes.


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