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Week 5: How Artists engage the public etc (ART727)

Updated: Jul 5

How are artists engaging the public in a wider discourse around environment and well-being? A Welsh perspective’

Week Beginning: 02nd July 2024

Today I watched a presentation centered around an overview of a conference paper referencing an ongoing project investigating ways in which artists and art-researchers based in north Wales are engaging the public in a wider discourse around environment, well-being and the green health agenda.

The research was qualitative, based on interviews, observations, field notes, and literary sources to provide an evidence base of examples.

It focused on the following:

The Future Wales Fellowship Program comprised 8 Wales-base artists from a range of disciplines and was a one-year program 2022-23, to develop artistic and technological works, challenging people’s perception of climate change, encouraging people to live more sustainable lifestyles. Funded by Arts Council for Wales; Natural Resources Wales; and the Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth.


Art+ is Wrexham School of Art’s strategic partnering initiative to promote collaborative artistic research with a range of selected partner organisations. Funded through an assortment of grants and research development funding.

Ecological Citizens is a network project to support a sustainable digital society by looking at ways to empower citizens to take care of their environment (relating to waste reduction and reuse, energy generation) and design their own experiences involving products, which promote wellbeing, learning, self-advancement. Funded by EPSRC with York University and Royal College of Art.

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