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Week 5: Exhibition Visits & Enrichment Week (ART718)

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Week beginning 2nd November 2023

Exhibition Visits and Enrichment Week

This week, i explored Willow Street gallery in Oswestry and their latest exhibitions borderland visual arts and Cheshire arts visual exhibitions. It was a perfect opportunity for me to explore the most recent artworks and to take inspiration from the artists exhibiting. The gallery displayed some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness, a real inspirational and thought-provoking experience. One artist named Alison Holt was of great inspiration. Alison is a textile artist inspired by the texture, light and patterns in the natural world, aiming to capture a moment and a memory. Using a basic sewing machine to draw directly onto her silk paintings she creates richly detailed colourful studies of landscapes and seascapes. Alison studied Fine Art Embroidery at Goldsmiths College, she is an author and an international tutor. She is based in Oswestry, Shropshire and has exhibited widely in the UK, Australia, NZ and Europe. Overall, a very thrilling and rewarding experience. Holt's work has inspired me to take my ideas so much further than just pen to paper.


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