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Week 3: Facilitation, Participation and Collaboration (ART724)

Updated: Mar 15

Week beginning 15th February 2024

Facilitation, Participation and Collaboration

This weeks lectures centered around the topics of Facilitation, Participation and Collaboration.


Act of assisting or making easier the progress

Definitions of facilitation. act of assisting or making easier the progress or improvement of something. type of: aid, assist, assistance, help. the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose.


The action of taking part in something.



Type 1: Sharing 'The basics’

Sharing information/resources/ opportunities between individuals, who otherwise maintain their individual practices.

This is the essential first step of any collaboration.

Type 2: Co-ordination

'Doing what we each do, in a more co-ordinated way’.

-Individuals informally do things together, influence each other's work

-Joint effort is on practicalities - or thinking and supporting each other's process.

Type 3: Co-operation

'We are doing this specific thing(s) together’.

- Cooperation between individuals contributes to of

  collective outcome(s)

- Influence, resources and ideas flow between collaborators. - -

- Creation of joint works. Space for individual work.

Type 4: Integration

'This is us’

- Individual contributions are part of collaborative effort

- Fully negotiated and integrated structure

- Shared responsibility

- Collective outputs



A group of people working together to realize the goal of one lead ARTIST.


One person starts and then passes the idea on. The result is collaborative but the process is asynchronous and individual.

Devised/Collective Creation

Improvisation confined to the creation process: a lengthy collaborative development process;


This goes further than devising, to create and / or perform something with a common group conscience..


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