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Tree Ogham And the Celtic Tree Mysteries

After consulting with my tutors and fellow peers, I have decided to focus my latest project on the subject matter of trees and the Celtic tree mysteries. I am intrigued by the links to spirituality and each trees meaning and cultural response. Trees have an interesting role in the world of spirituality and that’s what intrigues me the most. I have recently been studying a book by Steve Blamers which I adore, it explains the differing meanings behind each species of tree and how you can connect with them physically and mentally. This journey is called Ogham Tree journey. I have begun my journey by mapping out a route around Shropshire visiting and observing over 20 different species of tree. I will continue to study each species and draw/sketch them In a different media directly into my sketchbook and onto wood ready for printing at a later date. Within the Ogham Alphabet I have managed to plan a route starting with the birch tree.

I will document its physical appearance on a physical level, follow the instructions in the book I have been reading and try to connect with the tree on a mental and spiritual level and see what art I can produce related to my experiences… I will repeat this process with the other 19 trees in the alphabet.

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